2018 EWRI Congress – Session 

October 9, 2017 is the deadline for abstract submissions to the EWRI Congress (June 3-7, 2018 in Minneapolis MN). Women-Water Nexus has a session at the congress, so if you have relevant work that can be submitted, please do so here (see session description below). 
Our session falls under the International Issues track, so in order to make it easy for the conference organizers, please add "WWN" during the submission process. 

Leadership of women in international collaboration for achieving global water goals:
This session sponsored by the Women Water Nexus Committee addresses collaborations across countries between women in leadership and activities for achieving global water goals. This session invites interdisciplinary presentations on public-private partnerships, education, field case studies, or other data-driven examples that address these challenges and present options on how to overcome the barriers identified here.

Please consider submitting an abstract to this session.


Volunteers needed for review of Presentation Guide

We are looking for volunteers to create a working group that finalizes a guide on how to make compelling presentations. This product is something that will help WWN create a successful mentoring network in the future. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of this working group. The idea is to collectively work on this guide between October and December 2017 and have the guide completed for January 2018, so it can be sent out with our newsletter. 


Conference Presentations

Any member can present a poster or oral presentation about the Women-Water Nexus effort to share our initiative and recruit more members. If you are interested please contact us, we will be able to help you with materials for your presentation (Vinka.craver@gmail.com, Laura.schifman@gmail.com).
We submitted a poster presentation to the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans, LA (Dec 11 -15, 2017) about the Women-Water Nexus. If you are also going to AGU it would be great to meet in person, please reach out to me (laura.schifman@gmail.com). The session we submitted our abstract to is: 
Pathways for increasing and advancing diversity and gender parity in the next generation of geoscientists There are many opportunities for enhancing diversity and gender parity in the geosciences. With these opportunities in mind, this session is focused on addressing effective and practical methods/strategies to improve these matters. Geoscience addresses critical components of the natural environment that is shared by all communities. An expanded D&I footprint creates opportunities for a more vested interest in the environment among all communities and stakeholders. Subtopics of the session include broadening participation across underrepresented groups including faculty and students, tactics for recruiting diverse applicants in the geoscience workforce, reducing implicit bias, strengths and weaknesses of pipeline programs, increasing gender parity, and the impacts of affinity/employee resource groups on broadening participation and increasing recruitment and retention. The target audience includes hiring/program managers, supervisors, heads/chairs, and all others interested in a more inclusive and diverse earth science community. The session will be convened by NOAA’s Diversity and Professional Advancement Working Group.


Proposal submitted for Mentoring Initiative “Untapping the Power of Women in Water”

If you know of an agency that may be interested to fund activities related to the WWN mission and vision (link) please contact us, we are actively looking for funding for our planning activities.
We recently submitted a proposal to the Eileen Fisher Activating Leadership Initiative to fund our proposed activity, “Untapping the Power of Women in Water,”. This activity will focus on the countries in which we already have support from WWN members (U.S., Turkey, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Kazakhstan), with the goal to expand our reach to other countries. The proposed activity seeks to empower female scientists and engineers through a peer-to-peer mentoring service, which will be coordinated among WWN members and held at academic and government institutions in their respective countries. We choose to host both in-person and online-based workshops to give participants a strong network that introduces them to other scientists and engineers within their own home country or region; and to ensure that the program is not geographically limiting to participants. During this stage of the proposed mentoring program, we will provide an opportunity for women at all career stages to participate, however we expect to extend this program to many additional countries in the future.


Interested in serving on the board of the Women Empowerment Conference in Central Asia?

A meeting of the new Steering Committee and External Advisory Committee meeting on women empowerment to sustain the Women and Water in CAA network was held on July 12-13, 2017, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the meeting, each country covered by this network including Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan was represented by at least one woman-leader working on issues pertaining to water resources sustainability, climate change adaptation, or women empowerment. The session was organized by the Socio-Ecological Fund in Almaty, with the support from the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, U.S. Geological Survey, and TCO – the partners of the host organization, which supported the initial meeting of the network in June 2016 in Almaty.

  • The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the organization of this network, such as bylaws for the organization, development of mission and scope and creation of an outline for plan of action for the year(s) ahead. 
  • The steering committee agreed that the purpose of the network is to engage and empower women scientists, engineers, managers, and decision makers in the discussion and decision-making process of critical issues regarding access to water and enhancing career opportunities for women and thereby enhance inter-governmental and trans-boundary collaboration.
  • The steering committee members adopted a mission statement and by-laws, as well as developed priority actions for the first year. A secretariat also was established to carry out day-to-day functions. 
  • They adopted an organizational structure consisting of a president, secretary/treasurer, communication director, and development and fundraising director as well as two at-large members who will be assigned duties to implement special tasks. 
  • They also established an appointed External Advisory Board that initially includes representatives from the Women for Water Partnership (WfWP), the UNESCO World Water Assessment Program, the German-Kazakh University, UN Women, the U.S. Geological Survey, OSCE, and World Bank. 









The involved women are (also in the picture above): Secretary/Treasurer: Rangina Nazrieva (Tajikistan), Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (ICWC), rangina_n@yahoo.com; Communication Director: Sediqa Hassani (Afghanistan), Ibn-e-Sina University/ Ministry of Energy and Water, sediqa.hassani@gmail.com, Development and Fundraising Director: Kristina Toderich (Uzkbekistan), International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), ktoderich@yahoo.com, President: Aigul Akylbekova (Kazakhstan), Institute of Hydrogeoplogy and Geoecology, hydrogeology.kz@mail.ru, At-Large: Yekaterina Sakhvaeva (Kyrgyzstan), Department of water economy and amelioration, tadar51@mail.ru, At-Large: Jemal Durdykova (Turkmenistan), Department of Environment Protection, State Committee on Nature Protection and Land, durdykova@mail.ru (NOT PRESENT).


Interest in submitting presentations to or being involved in the 8th World Water Forum (March 18-23, 2018, Brasila, Brazil)?

We are hoping to be able to participate in the 8th World Water Forum as a group. We have identified the thematic session entitled “Sharing” with tracks B and C (see below), as being most relevant for the WWN efforts. There are opportunities to participate in this meeting in person or remotely. If you are interested in getting involved or submitting a presentation as part of this group, please get in touch with us. 


























New WWN Editorial in J. Water Resources Planning and Management

Some of our members recently published an editorial. See the link below to access the document.

"Women–Water Nexus for Sustainable Global Water Resources" by Vinka Oyanedel-Craver, Aline Cotel, Laurel Saito, Muna Abu-Dalo, Heidi Gough, and Ingrid Verstraeten
Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, Vol. 143, No. 8 (8) 


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